Letting Others Toot



I get it. These days it seems like everybody is trying to sell something.

We can’t answer the phone, open the door, or even walk down the street without someone trying to hawk their wares and services to us. The constant overload of sales pitches can numb us to the point that we refuse to listen to anything anyone might have to say.

That is why we are so thankful to our customers with whom we have forged a personal and familial relationship. They have trusted us with their most precious memories: The only recording of a grandmother’s voice; the last picture of a deceased loved one; a wedding video documenting the moment two lives merged to become one… And when we provide our services to preserve those precious memories for all time, they are not shy to let others know how grateful they are.

The referrals we receive and the testimonials that are given regarding the services we offer are very special to us. They are not manufactured, they are not disingenuous. They come from the hearts of people who have actually used our services and appreciated what we have done for them.. so much so that they want to tell others.

When looking for a needed service, whether it is for digital preservation of family memories or kitchen appliance repair, look to the companies your friends and neighbors have used and recommend. Reading and heeding the positive testimonials from people you know can help you avoid making a mistake when choosing a service provider for something that means the world to you.

And when you find a company that exceeds your expectations, I hope you will find your way clear to let others know about them. Nobody prefers to toot their own horn – they’d much rather let others do the tooting for them.

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio www.homevideostudio.com/mtd specialize in the preservation of family memories through digital transfer and technological advancements. Located in Mount Dora FL, they can be reached at 352-735-8550

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