Sliding Into History


I met with a prospective client today who seemed a little overwhelmed with a project she is beginning to undertake. She has discovered boxes of 35mm slides that contain the photographic memories of her family and her youth.

She wants to preserve them by moving them to a digital medium but is aware of the potential costs and wants to select only those images that will have meaning to her and her family.

It is a natural and understandable feeling. I told her that I’ll be happy to scan anything she brings me to create a digital file that will preserve and protect the memories they invoke but I quite understand that she may not want to bring her entire slide collection to my studio.

I always encourage my customers to cull their collection. Here are the tips I provide:

  • Look for people. One of the biggest mistakes people made back in the day when taking photos was to capture the scenery without placing a family member in the foreground. Getting a nice shot of the Eiffel Tower is great. But you can find better pictures of the Eiffel Tower online or in a book. When preserving memories, focus on the people in your past. Those are the pictures/memories that cannot be duplicated or found anywhere else.
  • Don’t worry so much about photo quality. If the colors have faded or bled a bit, digital restoration can often bring the picture back to its original quality. Our pricing includes color restoration and image enhancement. Don’t reject a slide or picture just because its dulled a bit over time.
  • Know how you want to enjoy and use these memories when the job is completed. We can provide you with .jpg files that will give you individual access to each image. We can also use those .jpgs to assemble a presentation DVD that will play your slides like a movie with motion, transitions and a musical soundtrack. Or you may choose to receive both.
  • The slides will be scanned in the order in which they are presented to me. So if having the slides appear in chronological order is important to you, take the time to sort them chronologically.
  • And for an extra special touch, we can have you add a narrative soundtrack or commentary along with captions so future generations can hear, from your own voice, exactly what they are looking at and why.

Those are just some of the considerations that come to mind. But always remember that our services are completely customizable. We will adapt our services to meet your needs and desires. You just have to tell us what they are.

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How Many Balls Can You Juggle?


I hate to break the news to all you alpha-type overachievers but there is no such thing as multi-tasking. I know many of us would like to lay claim to that ability but the sad reality is… it doesn’t exist.

It is impossible for the human mind to think two thoughts at the same time. Look it up. Scientific fact. What we think of as multi-tasking is not doing two or more different things at the same time. It is doing two or more different things in quick and ever changing succession. it is the ability to juggle tasks… oftentimes extremely rapidly.

Such is the case during a normal day in my studio.  I go from station to station, checking on works in progress, adding input, correcting errors, and moving on.  At any given time, I can be working on three video transfers, an audio transfer, a slide transfer, a video editing job, answering phone calls, greeting customers who drop in, responding to email requests and so much more… but I have to handle them one task at a time. 

To be effective in what I do, I have to juggle them, giving priority to the task which requires the most immediate attention. If I am working on a video transfer and the front door opens, I leave one task to respond to the more immediate need.

If an audio transfer still has another 15 minutes to go before completion but a slide transfer is ready to move to the next stage, I’ll address the needs of the slide transfer.

Juggling tasks is the proper way to describe what many call multi-tasking. Fortunately for me and my clients, I am an excellent juggler. I learned the skill in high school and once learned, it is never forgotten. Ask me next time you come by. I’ll be happy to demonstrate.

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There is no such thing as a small job

slide picture.jpg

Yesterday was one for the books. We broke a record. Smallest order ever written. Total: 95 cents.

Why is this something to celebrate? Because I learned a long time ago not to focus on the size of the sale. My focus will always be on the depth of the relationship I can build with those who choose to trust me with their most precious possessions – their memories – be it one or a thousand.

People who come to my studio can be assured that regardless of what you’re bringing in, you will receive the very best I have to offer. My goal is not to sell you more than you want but rather to be flexible enough to meet your expectations.

We have a wide range of service levels. If you want the most cost-effective pricing possible, I can provide that by stripping away some of the special additives that we can provide. But if you want all the bells and whistles, we are happy to comply. It is always going to be your choice.

The job yesterday entailed a single slide that a customer found in a drawer. And he wanted it digitalized so he could see more clearly what the image was.  I could tell it had import for him. That one image is going to be much more valuable to him than the 95 cents I’m charging. And that’s what I keep in mind and why I’ll make sure I generate the best possible image I can. Who knows… he may have other items at home that I can help him with. And even if he doesn’t, he probably knows someone who does. 

Bottom line – it is never about the size of the job. It is about the connection I can form between my studio and my customers. There will always be larger jobs coming… hopefully many of them from the people who started out giving me small jobs.

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio specialize in the preservation of family memories. They can be reached at 352-735-8550.