No Correct Answer


A transfer today prompted a question in my mind… It was one of those subjective queries that has no right or wrong answer. It merely asks us to identify a personal preference. Sounds simple enough and yet we humans often delight in arguing why our preference should be the one that is universally accepted.

You know the kinds of questions I mean:

  • Who was the best Star Trek captain: Kirk or Picard?
  • Who would you choose: Ginger or MaryAnn?
  • Who did you like better: Betty or Veronica?
  • What tastes better: Pepsi or Coke?
  • Where would you want to live: Beachfront or Mountains?

And the transfer that prompted today’s blog? It was some behind the scenes footage of Roger Moore filming Live or Let Die. That begs the question: Who was the best James Bond?

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but if you have one, you simply can’t understand how anyone else could think otherwise. The choice is just that obvious to you. But the arguments we can get into when trying to defend our positions sometimes defy logic. When you get right down to it, there’s nothing wrong with two people having different preferences.

However, for the curious, the correct answers are:

Picard, MaryAnn, Betty, Coke, Mountains, and Sean Connery.

Let the battles begin.

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