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A fix to faded photos…#

Doesn’t it make you a little sad to find one of your fondest memories has begun to show signs of age?

Slides and photos, even when fastidiously cared for, will all begin to deteriorate over time. Colors will fade or bleed. The photo paper will crease or crack. And that’s just through the normal aging process. That doesn’t include the damage that can be caused through accidents or outside forces.

While our digitalization process for photos and slides includes image enhancement and color correction, there are times when a full photo restoration is needed. We have the tools to help digitally repair or modify an image so it can be reprinted, reframed and proudly displayed again.

Ever had a great picture ruined by an anonymous and annoying photobomber? He can be removed from the scene. Miss a family reunion? We can insert your image into a group photo to make it look like you were there.

This is the time of year we all feel a little magic in the air. More and more that magic is coming from digital technology.

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Young Artists



One of the things I really love about my business is that I never know from one day to another exactly what will be coming through my door.

The other day, a customer presented me with two old 8×10 photographs which needed restoration. While I could see they had aged and their color was faded and there were a few small tears that needed fixing, their biggest need was something I hadn’t ever seen before.

It seems that the client’s child, when he was in his toddler stage, decided that some of the pictures in the photo album needed a little artistic retouching. So armed with a indelible ink marker, he gave a mustache to a bride and a full beard to a little girl.

As endearing as these “improvements” were, the client stated he would rather have the pictures returned to their original state. As it happens, in this age of digital technology, wonders can be made to happen.

After digitally removing the scribbled facial hair, restoring the color and removing the tears, I was able to print out new photos for the client. For the record, the child who did this is now in his 30s. The client held onto the defaced photos for decades not knowing if they could ever be repaired.

Always ask if something can be done. Sometimes the answer will be no but there are times when we can turn back the clock and erase childish mistakes.

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio specialize in the preservation (and if needed, restoration) of family memories. For more information, call 352-735-8550 or visit