That Championship Season


I was transferring a videotape yesterday that contained some footage of a Little League Baseball game. Boy did that take me back. I was quite the little star as I was coming through the ranks of baseball.

My father, who was a professional athlete, took great interest in my sports activities but did not want to show any kind of favoritism so he supported the league by volunteering to be a coach on the one condition that I would not allowed to be on his team. I never did understand that logic but eventually learned to appreciate the depth of his integrity that drove him to think it was important. So, for a season, I was on a team that would play against a team coached by my father.

That spurred an incredible level of competition in our household that season. I just wanted to beat his team so badly I could taste it. And our two teams were pretty evenly matched. Their team was better coached; we had the better players. We were neck and neck all year and it finally came down to the last game of the season… which my dad’s team won.

I was so disappointed. But there was a saving grace. I was chosen to be on the All-Star team which in a post-season game would play the first place team of that season… my dad’s team.

It was a rout. We won 18-2 and I drove in 12 of those runs with an incredible batting performance.

I so wanted to gloat on the ride home but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it because I could see how proud my dad was of me. It was a weird season, never to be repeated. The next year I graduated to the next age level where I quickly learned I could not see, let alone hit, a fast ball. I gave up the game soon after.  But I will always have that one season and that one game to remember.  Thank you Dad. Thanks for the memory.

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