Dream A Little Dream

Robert Allen, my 4th great-granduncle, served as a U.S. Senator from Tennessee for over 15 years. On March 29th, 1822 while at his residence in Washington DC, he was awakened by a dream so vivid, he was compelled to write a 3 page letter to his wife explaining it in detail.

In the dream, he had arrived home to his Greenwood Plantation in Tennessee to find his wife, Rebecca, distressed because apparently he had arrived with another woman. So unconsolable was his wife that it made him think that she believed he had affections for another. He went to great lengths in his letter to say that this was simply not true.

After composing the letter, he was still disturbed by his dream so he saddled his horse and set off for Greenwood, a three week journey. Arriving, he was presented with the news that his wife, who was pregnant, had lost the child and died a few days later… on the night he had the dream.

Three years later, he married again. He brought his second wife, Alethia, to live in his plantation home, thus fulfilling the “prophecy” of the dream he had.

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