Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego


Around 1772, Daniel Boone once again crossed paths with some of my family members. My 8th great grandfather, Shadrach Inman, along with his brothers Meshach and Abednego joined Boone in exploring the wilderness west of the Cumberland Mountains, an area now known as Tennessee. With their provisions depleted, they relied on their hunting skills for what little nourishment they received. It was not an easy feat as winter was upon them.

While camping near the Nick-a-Jack cave, they were surprised by an Indian ambush. Most of the party was killed, including my great-uncle Meshach. Abednego received a tomahawk wound to his forehead but survived, crawling into a hollow of a tree where he stayed, in and out of consciousness for nine days, before finally emerging and somehow finding his way back to his North Carolina home.

Shadrach and Boone were among those who escaped, stealthily navigating their surroundings like the experienced woodsmen they were. Boone, on account of his superior skill and knowledge of the Indian wiles, escaped unharmed. The Indians pursued him keenly through the dense forest but, like a fleeting shadow, he eluded them and led the few survivors safely back to their homes. Shadrach did receive a non-fatal wound in his side from an Indian spear which he kept. His descendants have it still in their possession, kept on display under glass.

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