A Knight To Remember


By all accounts, it would appear that Sir George Beeston led an incredible life. Born in 1501 to gentrified parentage, he inherited the family estate at the young age of 22. He became a considerable landowner, not only in his home borough of Chelsea, but he also held leases in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Lincolnshire. 

He became a member of the Parliament, an advisor to the Queen and, most importantly, served in the English Navy under four monarchs. He was one of the captains ordered to “keep the Narrow Seas.” He is buried in Bunbury Church which states his age at the time of his death to be 102. His eulogy, carved in his tomb, is as follows:  

“Here lies buried George Beeston, knight, a promoter of valor and truth. He, having been brought up from his youth in the arts of war, was chosen one of his company of pensioners by the invincible King Henry VIII when he besieged Boulogne. He merited the same under Edward VI in the battle against the Scots at Musselburgh. Afterwards under the same King, under Mary, and under Elizabeth, in the naval engagements as captain or vice-captain of the fleet, by whom, after that most mighty Spanish fleet of 1588, had been vanquished, he was honoured with the order of knighthood. Now, his years pressing heavily on him, when he had admirably approved his integrity to princes, and his bravery to his adversaries, acceptable to God, and dear to good men, and long expecting Christ; in the year 1601 he fell asleep in Him, so that he may rise again in Him with joy.”

Sir George Beeston was one of my 15th generational great-grandfathers.

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