Safer at Home – Day Ten



April 12, 2020

The world was given a gift this Easter Sunday, compliments of Andrea Bocelli and YouTube. Kate and I, along with apparently 3.5 million others, watched as the internationally known Italian singer live-streamed a mini-concert from the incomparable setting of the Duomo di Milano.

In the concert, dubbed #MusicforHope, Bocelli sang a series of well known classical religious songs including Ave Maria, Sancta Maria, and Domine Deus standing near the altar of the empty cathedral. While he was singing, the camera often would cut away to street scenes from Milan, London, New York among others. Normally teeming with humanity, these cities showed streets virtually devoid of human life as the corona virus has forced people around the world to change their daily habits.

For his last song, Bocelli ventured out in front of the magnificent facade to sing Amazing Grace to a cathedral square where thousands would normally have been found.  This day, he was alone. And yet his voice was heard by millions who were touched and moved. It just goes to show… one man can make an impact… and a difference.

The Andrea Bocelli Fund is using this concert to help raise money for hospital emergency resources and protective gear. Italy has lost 19,500 citizens to this virus with over 150,000 confirmed cases.

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