Safer at Home – Day Nine


April 11, 2020

Sometimes, it is just the little things. Small gestures of appreciation that touch the heart and lift the spirit.

At some point during the day, Kate and I noticed a box sitting on our front porch. We weren’t notified as to its arrival… we had no idea it was there nor who had send it… we certainly weren’t expecting it.

After scrubbing the box down with every cleanser known to man, we finally opened it. Here’s what we found:


It was a box of customized cookies from a vendor to just say thank you for our business during this global pandemic. I can’t imagine it cost more that a few dollars for that vendor to send but the cleverness of the design… the thoughtfulness of the gift… and the tastiness of the cookie… it was a priceless gift. Kudos to the sender. We are thankful and look forward to a long and profitable relationship. Not because of the cookies but because of the thought behind them.

It is certainly a lesson for the rest of us. The little things that we do can often leave a big impression in the hearts of those we meet.

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One thought on “Safer at Home – Day Nine

  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful gesture! If you’re able please post the vendor so we can return the favor later.


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