Day Four – April 6, 2020

We all know this is a scary time we’re living through… But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of what we’re being asked to do. It turns out that there just might be a silver lining in all this.

One of the most common excuses we make for why we haven’t accomplished all the things we would like is that there’s never enough time. We might as well fess up because these days that excuse just isn’t going to fly. If there is one thing we now have in abundance, it’s time. So what are we going to do with this surplus of hours that we always complained was lacking in our life? It will be a missed opportunity if we let the month(s) pass without having something to show for it.


Write that book, short story or screenplay that you’ve been thinking about.

Start learning a new language.

Experiment with different recipes.

Start painting or sketching.

Skype or FaceTime a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in over a year. Reconnect.

Go through your closets, attics, or garage with the aim to declutter.

Go through your family photo albums and add captions identifying people, places and times.

Keep a journal – faithfully. Develop the habit of writing your thoughts and experiences down on paper daily.

Learn a new skill. Juggling comes to mind.

Watch a different Ted Talk daily and think how you might put into practice those ideas worth sharing.

The point is, while we are keeping ourselves and each other safe by confining ourselves to our homes, we should concentrate not on what we’re missing but rather on what we can gain.

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