Today is my birthday.  And while I celebrate the occasion with my family and friends I like to take a look at what other celebrations are taking place around the world that will be sharing the day with me.

In the Czech Republic, people there will be celebrating St Wenceslaus Day – in commemoration of the assassination of Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia. His martyrdom and eventual canonization cements his place in history as a key figure in the emancipation of the Czech state. And yes, he is the good king Wenceslaus mentioned in the popular Christmas carol that bears his name. Even though he was only a duke when he was murdered, he was granted the regal title posthumously by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I.

Those in healthcare may be recognizing today because it happens to be World Rabies Day. Not that they are celebrating rabies. Just bringing increased awareness to the disease. This year’s theme is “Spread the Message; Save a Life.”

If rabies doesn’t put you in a holiday mood, you can always join in some community revelry by celebrating Good Neighbor Day which has been an American National holiday since 1978. Some suggestions for celebrants: Be nice to your neighbor; if you don’t really know them, go strike up a conversation with them; or just bake them some goodies. Perhaps our congressional leaders should practice this holiday a little bit more.  Spread the Message; Save the Senate.

If your neighbor happens to be a vegetarian, you can kill two birds with one stone. Today also happens to be National Hug a Vegan Day.

In Taiwan, they’ll be celebrating Teachers’ Day which was originally set to commemorate the birthday of Confucius who is considered to be model master educator in ancient China. These days it marks a time for students to show their gratitude and appreciation to their teachers.

And of course, no September 28 would be complete without a nod to National Ask A Stupid Question Day. Here’s mine: How do you celebrate National Ask A Stupid Question Day? (pause) Do you want another example?

And it can’t be an accident that National Ask A Stupid Question Day falls on the same day as National Drink A Beer Day.   But however you celebrate today and for whatever reason, know that I’ll be out there celebrating right along with you. Happy birthday to me.

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