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First day in AZ… It’s hot. Really hot. How hot is it? It is so hot nobody here has body hair… it has all been singed off. We wisely stayed inside the hotel most of the day. After all, we’re not here on vacation.  We’re taking part in the annual Home Video Studio Getaway. It’s a time to recharge our batteries and re-educate ourselves on industry trends and new developments. The morning’s session… Documentary-style filmmaking: from proposal to final product.


This comes at a great time. One of the jobs waiting for me once I return home is a commissioned project for a family who wants to tell the story of the Lucy Evelyn.

Briefly, the Lucy Evelyn was a three masted schooner which from 1948 to 1972 sat aground as a permanent fixture of the boardwalk in Long Beach Island, NJ where it served as a landmark, tourist attraction and home to a series of unique gift shops. It’s going to be an interesting story to capture on film and I look forward to getting started.

f-Lucy Evelyn.jpg

Normally, I would blog about this project after it was completed however, I have an unusual request. If any of my readers, who are local to the Mount Dora area, can remember visiting the Lucy Evelyn during the time it was beached on Long Beach Island, we’d love to capture you on film sharing those memories for possible inclusion into the film.

If you are willing, contact me at We’ll set up an appointment and get the cameras rolling. It’ll be fun. 

In other news, nominations for this year’s Hanley Awards are being announced Wednesday night. We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

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(Note: Home Video Studio of Mount Dora will be closed until Monday, July 30th while Michael & Kate attend the 18th annual Getaway Conference in Tucson, Arizona. See you when we get back.)

3 thoughts on “The Tale Of The Lucy Evelyn

  1. As a Great Niece of Capt. Burtis Wasson, who I believe at one time was an owner of the Lucy Evelyn, I find this project very interesting. I believe my father may have sailed on it when he was growing up. My Grandfather was Capt, Ernest Ludlow Wasson. Earnest and Burtis were married to sisters, lived near one another in Calais, ME, and were both schooner captains. If I can be of any assistance with this project, you may contact me at:

  2. Did you ever finish the documentary on the Lucy Evelyn? I would love to see it if you have. I spent my entire childhood, every summer on the island and nightly we would go to the boardwalk and go in to the hull of their wonderful gift shop. I was just a kid back in the 1950’s but I can still feel the creak of the wooden floors under my feet and the smell of bayberry candles. Such wonderful memories.

    1. I did finish it but it was contracted by the family and they have not yet given me permission to share it publicly.

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