Ready For My Closeup



I spent the day primping and preening for the camera. It is not an everyday experience for me. Ask my mother… I would rarely sit still for a photo op. Most pictures of me as a youngster were just a red-headed blur.

I have decided to upgrade our corporate image now that my wife has joined me in the studio. We’re redesigning our business cards and updating our profile pictures on all our social media sites to include the two of us since we’ll be now working the business together. We hired a professional commercial photographer to try to make us look as good as humanly possible. Not the easiest task in the world (speaking of myself… my wife is breathtakingly beautiful and needs no outside assistance.) I on the other hand, do. Fortunately, I knew someone to call.

We needed him. No matter how much he reassured us that we were “looking good,” it is just hard to be at ease and feel natural when being posed and repositioned in what feels like microscopic degrees. “Tilt your head up,” “Close your fingers,” “Turn in just a bit,” “Not that much!” “Turn back a bit more,” “Look like you’re having fun,” etc… 

But in the end, the proof is in the pudding. I saw the raw shots and, all modesty aside, I have to say that we look like a stunning power couple. But our photographer still has some work to do.  We gave him a standing order as he left. Since he will be working with our images in post-production, we told him we expected our images to look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter. Hey, photo enhancements are much cheaper than plastic surgery.

In all honesty, the photo shoot was a lot of fun, largely because it was stress-free. The photographers we hired took care of everything and their eye for detail combined with a friendly and casual demeanor immediately instilled a level of trust that put us at ease. Or at least as much ease as we could muster with a camera pointed at us.

If you are local to my area and in need of a commercial photographer, I can highly recommend Flint Photography. Stephen and Sandrine Flint will exceed your expectations as they have mine.  I am excited to show you the results of our photo shoot and will do so as soon as they have been delivered to me. 

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