$1 Dollar Win



Easter is just around the corner and with it the annual Easter egg hunt. Over the years, I have transferred a lot of video that parents took of confused children holding baskets while they roamed around the yard or house without really knowing why.  On the surface… strange custom.

But maybe that is sour grapes because I never really mastered the skill of finding eggs hidden by giant bunnies. Most years my little basket would be empty until my sisters shared theirs with me or my parents took pity and did the old “you’re getting warmer” trick.

But there was one glorious year when we traveled as a family to a public park for a community-wide Easter egg hunt. Prizes were being offered for most eggs found (boy and girl) and there was one golden egg hidden that, when found, would bring the finder a special grand prize.

The word was given and what felt like a thousand excited children ran uncontrollably into the park. I lagged behind, all too aware of my inadequacy in the egg-finding skill set. Until, all of a sudden, a golden glint caught my eye. All the other kids, so anxious to get to the heart of the park, raced right past the grand prize. I gingerly picked up the golden egg and placed it in my basket.

At the end of the event, I was handed my prize. It was a 1927 silver dollar, already 35 years old when given to me. As he put it in my hands, the grand leader of the hunt, like a Mary Poppins banker, admonished me to tuck it away and save it as it is sure to increase in value. I heeded his advice… for a while. But then, well… McDonalds came out with their dollar menu and I was hungry.

By the way, I just checked and today, that same silver dollar might be worth somewhere between $23 and $42 dollars.

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