I have tried very hard to keep this blog on point – discussing events that occur during my day that spark old memories in my mind… but there are times when I can’t help but feel a rant coming on.  Feel free to skip this particular blog entry – it may get a bit heated.

I personally hold no animosity towards telemarketers. Everyone has a right to try to sell their product or services to anyone they choose. But I draw the line at robocalls. You know the kind I’m talking about. Automated dialers with a human-sounding recorded voice blathering on without offering the other end the opportunity to respond. I get between five and twenty calls each and every day. 

I know there’s a Do Not Call Registry I can sign up for. I have. It doesn’t stop them. I know I can block their numbers. I have. It doesn’t stop them. I am running a business as a sole proprietor and I am being interrupted throughout the day by nuisance calls. Many of them from the same company.

I figure that, as a consumer, I have only one recourse. And so I vow to employ it. I have begun to keep a list of all companies who call me via an automated dialer and robocall or recorded announcement. And I will never, ever use their services or purchase their products. Ever. They may repent and stop the practice but if I get but one robocall from them, they go on the list and they have lost me forever. I will not give a second chance. It is the only thing I know to do until this ill-advised, invasive marketing practice is outlawed and enforced.

You may join me if you like. I will be happy to share my list with you. Technological advances can be a wonderful thing. They can also be misused. Robocalling is an easy method for a company that does not care who they disturb or upset. But it will never represent a company in a positive light. If their product or service does not warrant the time and expense it takes for a human to dial a number and have an actual conversation with another human, it certainly does not warrant the time it takes me to answer the phone and listen to their idiotic recording.  #StopRobocalls

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