There’s No Place Like Home

ruby slippers.png

It is good to be home again. Traveling to different places, even for work reasons, can be fun. It can break up a monotonous routine, bring some new experiences and broaden one’s horizons… but it pales to the comforting feeling we get when we know we are going home.

Returning to familial surroundings after even a brief time away is something we all can appreciate. It is magnified even more when we had a hand in building the environment we call home. Here, in my office, surrounded by my books and belongings, puts me in a frame of mind where I am settled and better positioned to accomplish whatever tasks lay ahead with efficiency and ease.

But that is the rule… there are exceptions. I remember making a surprise visit home from college during a short Thanksgiving break. I walked in the front door and immediately headed to the same bedroom I had occupied since I was five years old, only to find out that in my absence my parents had turned it into a storage room/den space.  I ended up sleeping on the couch.

Once, when I took a much needed vacation from work, a day before I was to return I received a call from a co-worker telling me to stay away – to extend my vacation. It turned out that a corporate takeover was in the works and my early return would have complicated the transition. I was let go shortly thereafter.

But most of the time, homecomings are happy occasions. Like this one. I recognized it immediately as I came off the flight and into the arms of my lovely wife. It’s true – there is no place like home.

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