Edjumacation – Time for Some Larnin’



Our studio will be closed from February 26 through March 4. We are closing so that we may attend our annual Advanced Training series of classes.

Learning is a life-long exercise. It is important to stretch one’s self – to continue to grow. When we stop learning, we kind of stop living. It is why we close our doors twice a year to participate in these annual training seminars. It is when we, along with other industry professionals, learn the new tools and techniques of our trade. It enables us to continue to be able to offer you the finest in media services.

I have had both good and bad experiences with teachers over the years. The bad ones tend to fade from memory.  The good ones always stay with you.

There was Miss Mueller, my first grade teacher. She was young, pretty and a great introduction to the world of public schooling. She was also probably my first teacher crush. She wouldn’t be the last. Young boys are fickle like that.

I remember Bonnie Fox, my ninth grade English teacher, who allowed me to explore my love for words and writing as a form of personal expression. She never could get me to “get” Shakespeare but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Then there was Dr. Earl C. Lammel, who took me and several of my classmates under his wing and, during our 4 years of undergraduate school, led us through exponential growth and development using Viola Spolin’s book, Improvisation for the Theater as our primary text. It was a time of great self-awareness for me as the process forced us all to look within ourselves with candor and honesty. 

There were many others who taught me and guided me through life and I thank each of them. I wouldn’t be who I am today without their willingness to impart to me their knowledge and expertise. Teachers are special. I should know, I was raised by one.

Note: I will be continuing to blog on a daily basis while away and will do my best to impart some of what I will be learning during the training. Subscribe to the blog to have it delivered directly to your email.

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