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Life can certainly contain some surprising twists and turns and I love hearing the stories that some of my customers tell about theirs. Yesterday, I transferred a music video for a customer who shared with me the reasons why he needed it.

A few years ago, there was a documentary called Searching for Sugar Man. It was about an all but forgotten American musician named Sixto Rodriguez who was living in near obscurity in Detroit. Unbeknownst to him, his music had gained a phenomenal popularity in South Africa even though his fans there knew nothing about him. In fact, there was a false rumor going around that he died shortly after making the one album they were all listening to.

The movie documented one man’s search for and eventual discovery of the musician whose record sold more copies in South Africa than anything recorded by Elvis Presley.

My client may be about to have the same kind of experience. After decades of living a non-celebrity, non-musical life here in Central Florida, he’s just learned that a salsa album he made some twenty five years ago has been getting a lot of radio play in South America. Turns out the new generation has “discovered” him and has been clamoring to hear his songs in the discos and nightclubs they frequent. So much so that it has caught the attention of some music producers.  He’ll be meeting with them in a few days and wanted to bring a video of himself performing back in the day. Of course, back then, the video was stored on a VHS tape and that is what brought him to my studio. I transferred it to a digital form.

Just goes to show that you never know what life will bring us. I wish my client well; that he has good success and enjoys whatever ride he is about to start.

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