Would You Believe…?



I was brainstorming with a client who wanted to develop an infomercial for his commercial door company and in discussing potential concepts we remembered an old TV series that featured a number of doors during its opening credits.

Who remembers this show:

Here are some facts about Get Smart:

  • The main character was conceived as a cross between James Bond and Inspector Clousseau, two of the most popular movie characters of the 1960s.
  • The series was co-created by comedy legends Mel Brooks and Buck Henry.
  • The pilot episode featured a bumbling but effective secret agent, Maxwell Smart, played by Tom Poston. It was offered to ABC who allegedly dismissed it as being un-American.
  • NBC picked it up with the stipulation that Maxwell Smart would be played by a star they had under contract, Don Adams.
  • Max was Agent 86. His partner, played by Barbara Feldon was Agent 99 and was never given a real name.
  • The series spawned a number of catch phrases and running gags, many of which came from Don Adams’ comedy sketches
    • Would you believe…
    • Missed it by that much…
    • Sorry about that chief…
    • …and loving it…. among others.
  • Don Adams developed Max’s unique vocal delivery from the clipped stylings of William Powell in The Thin Man series of films.

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