Countdown to Christmas



#It’s just twelve days till Christmas, I hope my true love will give to me:

My memories on a brand new DVD.#

Home Video Studio excels at taking recorded memories from the instruments of old and transferring them to updated digital media that can continue to be accessed in our day and time.

If you decide to receive a DVD, you can rest assured that all the discs we produce are archival quality, professionally encoded, and masterfully authored. We will install up to 42 chapter markings and make sure your DVDs are attractively packaged.

They make for great gifts at Christmastime. Just don’t be surprised if, when they are opened, the rest of Christmas is put on hold because people will immediately want to start watching them.

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio specialize in the preservation of family memories. For more information call 352-735-8550 or visit

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