Presents under the tree



Those aren’t presents under the Christmas tree in our studio… they’re pasts.

Each of those gift bags contains one of our customer’s finished projects. Inside the bag could be a DVD or a CD or a thumb drive where their digitalized family memories have been stored. All that is needed is for them to pick it up and begin reliving those precious times that they had recorded.

There is a certain bonding that takes place any time a family watches their memories together. Christmas is the perfect time to make that happen. Laughter, tears, hugs and stories abound as one image after another begin to unlock the past and bring to mind once forgotten times or events and the emotions that come with them.

If you are thinking it is too late to prepare something for this coming Christmas, you’re wrong. I’ve been putting in some extra hours just to keep up with the holiday rush and there is still room on my schedule for some quick turnarounds. But that schedule could fill up fast so no procrastinating. After all, there’s only 12 days left until Christmas Eve is upon us.

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