Let It Snow



Children of Mount Dora, prepare! Snow is in the forecast.

It may not be the same naturally occurring weather event seen up north, but thanks to a group of hard working individuals, there will be a blanket of snow arriving tonight on which to play. On Saturday, December 9th, Donnelly Park will be transformed into a sledding park. Bring a can of food or an unopened toy to receive a special pass for the slide.

I loved snow as a child and couldn’t wait for the first snowfall of the winter when I would haul my Flexible Flyer down to the neighborhood hill where every kid within blocks would converge – some with sleds, some with aluminum disks, some just with collapsed squares of cardboard. All were designed for the same purpose, to propel us down the snow-covered hill as far and as fast as gravity and inertia would take us.

In this day of electronic and computer entertainment, we forget sometimes that the most enjoyable pleasures we experienced as children were the simplest. Snow, a hill, and other kids were all that was needed for a full afternoon of fun. Tonight Mount Dora offers an opportunity to rediscover one of the joys of the season. Hope to see you there.

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