Santa Who?



Walking around Mount Dora tonight during our annual Christmas walk/street party, I saw two Santa Clauses, situated on different ends of our town square and each Santa attracted his own throng of exited children who were waiting in line for their time to meet him.

Going back in my mind, I cannot honestly remember the first time I met Santa. I do remember that as a child I received presents that had no markings on them other than “To: Mike – From: Santa.” so obviously I knew him (or he knew me) but I don’t remember ever sitting in his lap or telling him what I wanted for Christmas.

I am told that it happened but I no longer have any recollection of it. It is gone from the recesses of my mind and I have yet to come across a photo or a piece of video that has restored that memory for me.

That’s the bad thing about memories. They are so easily lost. Perhaps that is why we take the time to document so many of our events: on film, in video, as photos. To help us visualize a memory so we can recall it long after it is no longer vivid in our minds. And that is exactly why I’m so passionate about helping people preserve the memories they have recorded. Just because technology has moved on doesn’t mean that we have to leave behind all those memories that were stored on the old technology. God forbid. We have the ability to bring those old memories along with us as we move forward in time.

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, I’m happy to say that I have a close relationship with Santa now. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s a client. Where else would you expect the greatest gift giver in the world to shop for that one of a kind present for someone special?

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio specialize in the preservation of family memories. And while it can’t be proved that the real Santa shops at our studio, we have a sneaking suspicion that’s there’s a little bit of Santa Claus in each of our customers.  And we are happy to help them with whatever gift idea they want us to work on. 352-735-8550



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