Small Business Saturday is taking place this week. November 25! Sponsored by American Express, this #shopsmall event is designed to bring attention to the vital importance that small, locally-owned businesses have in their community.

If you’re wondering why it is important to support small businesses in your town or city, here’s a list that has been put together to educate the consumer:

1. Supporting small businesses keeps money within the community and enhances the local economy.

2. Small businesses add charm and character. They may be at the very heart and identity of the community, making them favorites at farmers’ markets and fairs.

3. They create vibrant, local shopping areas that are attractive to home buyers and can raise property values.

4. Must-see small businesses can draw tourism, also boosting the local economy.

5. They offer unique gift items not found anywhere else.

6. Small businesses tend to buy from other small businesses. When they purchase locally-sourced ingredients or products, they also contribute to their neighbor business’ success and the economic well-being of the community entire.

7. Customer service at small businesses can be a more personal experience. Customers may easily build relationships with owners and staff, and perhaps even feel like they’ve become part of a family.

8. Small businesses create jobs and are often better work-places than large chains.

9. They dictate their own prices to remain competitive, which means you can often find better quality items at good costs.

10. Small business owners are generally experts in their field and are better equipped to answer complex questions or provide innovative solutions for their customers.

Whether it is this Saturday or any other time, we hope that you will see your way clear to browse the locally owned shops in your community. You may find something you absolutely love while, at the same time, help your neighbors and boost your local economy.

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio specialize in the preservation of family memories and are proud to count themselves as one of the millions of locally owned businesses that provide services or products to their friends and neighbors.

They can be reached at 352-735-8550. www.homevideostudio.com/mtd