The Perfect Gift



Scratching your head for that perfect romantic gift idea?  Allow me to make a suggestion.

Every couple I know has a song. Maybe it was playing when you met. Or perhaps it was the song chosen for your first dance as man and wife. Then again it could simply be a song that, for you, tells the story of your life together or the story that you long to be yours.

No matter the case, there’s a song that probably holds a special meaning for you. So take that song and use it as the soundtrack for a slideshow comprised of pictures you’ve taken during your life together.  There is something absolutely magical that happens when you add music to pictures.

It has been said that 80% of any video is the audio component. Pictures may tell the story but it’s the soundtrack that sells the story. It adds the missing emotional heft that drives the story straight into the heart of its audience.

Even pictures that you may have seen hundreds of times will take on new meaning when coupled with a song that tweaks the heartstrings. So, for a perfect gift to give to a loved one, choose pictures that tell their story and combine it with a soundtrack that will breath new life and emotion to those pictures.  Take it from me – it is an unforgettable combination… and makes for a gift that will keep on giving for many more years to come.

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio ( specialize in the creation of video gifts and photo/video keepsakes. They are located in Mount Dora FL and can be reached by calling 352-735-8550.

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