Did You Know?


Did you know?

VHS is a videotape that came in a large cassette format. It was introduced by both JVC and Panasonic around 1976. It became the most popular format for home use and video store rentals (remember Blockbuster?). It would eventually be replaced by smaller sized tapes like hi-8 and mini-dv before giving way completely to the DVD. VHS stood for Video Home System.

The VHS tape was designed to hold 2 hours of recorded footage when used at normal play speed. However, a popular feature was the ability to record at EP or LP speeds which would double and even quadruple the amount of recording hours available.

When transferring VHS tapes to a digital format, 2 hours is the standard as that is what a typical DVD is able to hold. VHS tapes containing video footage in excess of 2 hours will require additional disks to complete the entire transfer.

Michael Ondrasik and Home Video Studio specialize in videotape transfers to DVD or DVA. They are fully equipped to handle all of the consumer grade forms of videotape including VHS, VHS-C, hi-8, digital 8, mini-dv, and Betamax.